Enhancing collaboration from carrier to customer
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Today’s customers demand fast, responsive service, and that includes how their insurance claims are handled. Effective claims handling requires input from multiple parties—and it’s not enough to enable streamlined communication between adjusters and supervisors. Claims requires input from parties outside an insurer’s four walls: the insured and other parties on the claim, as well as a myriad of others, such as repair shops, police agencies or medical professionals.

Collaboration tools can enable insurers to connect these disparate parties and give the precise information needed to move the claim forward. This can minimize case touches, improve efficiency and enhance the customer experience. A 2011 study from Novarica found that small- and medium-sized insurers had started to use instant messaging and Sharepoint-based tools, while efforts from large insurers were still in their infancy. Fast forward to today and collaboration isn’t such a new idea—in fact, it is a critical enabler of claims excellence.

In this blog series, I’ll highlight how collaboration can help insurers handle claims more effectively. Next week: the benefits for adjusters.

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