Digital is changing the world and insurance chief marketing officers (CMOs) know it. As part of the 2013/14 CMO Insights Survey, Accenture surveyed key marketing decision makers in 11 countries and across 10 industries. Of the 581 senior marketers surveyed, 38 were life insurance CMOs and 49 were P&C CMOs.

The survey shines a light on the opportunities and challenges facing CMOs in an increasingly digitally focused marketplace.

Every insurer is a digital insurer

In this video, I discuss some of the survey’s key findings and their implications for insurers. Tune in to this conversation with two of my colleagues: Jean-Francois Gasc and Andrea Moneta.

CMOs have a critical role to play. To be part of the digital transformation that is necessary for an insurer’s success, they must extend their vision of marketing, its scope and how it can drive value across the enterprise. They must also foster collaboration with other C-suite executives to ensure the digital transformation is consistent, cohesive and customer-centric.

Learn more about our interactive data visualization tool and register to download The Digital Insurer | CMOs: Time for digital transformation (PDF).

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