A recent Forrester Research study revealed a startling disconnect. Three out of four of the customer-experience decision-makers who took part in the survey acknowledged that digital is reinventing the overall experience they deliver to their customers. Yet – as the diagrams below show – most admitted they are failing to meet these customers’ digital expectations.

In other words, they’re not doing what they know to be valuable.

Huge gaps exist between what brands know to be valuable and are actually doing

Unless firms improve their digital customer experience dramatically, and quickly, this performance gap is only likely to widen. The pace of digital innovation is being set by legacy-free digital companies, it’s accelerating, and it’s taking consumer expectations along with it.

In this blog series I’ll look at the four major digital trends that are reshaping the customer experience in insurance, and I’ll discuss what carriers can do today to close the gap between expectations and performance. The trends are:

  • A change in the balance of power between consumers and their insurers;
  • A bias toward prevention of problems rather than cure;
  • The super-charging of digital channels; and
  • The evolution of a new role for customer service.

I hope you’ll stay with me as I go into more detail about these shifts. In the meantime, you might want to take a look at Accenture Interactive’s new Digital Customer Service report called Intelligent Connections.

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