As part of an Accenture survey of nearly 8,000 insurance policyholders worldwide, we found that 93 percent of respondents said they were satisfied with their insurance providers.

Of the customers we surveyed, 40 percent had filed a claim within the past two years. We asked claimers how satisfied they were with the process. Globally, 87 percent of auto claimers and 84 percent of home claimers were satisfied or very satisfied. In North America, more than 88 percent of claimers were satisfied or very satisfied with their claims experience.

And yet, despite these promising numbers, roughly 30 percent of North Americans are still likely to switch providers. Further, we found that 80 percent of Americans and 70 percent of Canadians who had filed a claim were thinking of switching providers.

In fact, the study found that customers who have filed a claim are twice as likely to switch providers, regardless of their claims satisfaction: globally, 41 percent of claimers would switch, compared with 22 percent of non-claimers. In other words, the claim itself is a powerful trigger for switching—and insurers should do whatever they can to reduce the incidence of claiming.

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