When a customer files a claim, it’s a moment of truth—and intuitively, insurers know that their ability to resolve each claim in a timely and fair manner goes a long way to customer satisfaction and retention. But what is the precise link between the claim, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty?

The Accenture Claims Customer Survey surveyed almost 8,000 policyholders worldwide across property and casualty and life insurance. There was an even split between men and women, and nearly half (40 percent) of respondents had filed a claim within the past two years.

The study revealed that while customers are generally satisfied with their insurers, satisfaction is not enough to keep them from switching providers. We asked about channel preferences, social media use and interest in using insurers’ apps. And perhaps most important, we found a surprising link between customers who had filed a claim and their propensity to switch providers—even given high levels of claims satisfaction.

Accenture Claims Customer Survey - online survey May 2014
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Join me over the next few weeks as I dive into the North American findings of the study. In the meantime, you can slice and dice the data yourself, using our interactive visualization tool.

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