I’m pleased to report that for the fourth consecutive year, Accenture Claim Components has received a “Strong Positive” rating in Gartner’s “MarketScope for North American Property and Casualty Insurance Claims Management Modules.”

Gartner’s MarketScope ranking for P&C insurance

Strong Positive is the highest ranking available in Gartner’s MarketScope ranking, which is based on seven criteria:

  • Market understanding.
  • Offering and product strategy.
  • Product and service.
  • Overall visibility.
  • Customer experience.
  • Sales execution and pricing.
  • Sales strategy.

The report highlights the strengths of Accenture Claim Components, especially our:

  • Codeless configuration, which enables business analysts to configure custom data fields and claims processing workflow without the need for scripting language.
  • Unprecedented business intelligence that’s based on advanced and real-time analytics, customizable dashboards and a comprehensive claims data model.
  • Next-level customer and agency interaction, driven through portal and mobile capabilities for agents and policyholders.

According to Gartner:

“Accenture Claim Components is a strong, full-featured claims management offering from a large, stable organization. The system has proven scalability, advanced features that many competitors lack and a broad line of business support. It’s a compelling offering—especially for large, multiline insurers.”

Many thanks to our clients, and the team at Accenture Claim Components, for helping us continue to be leading providers in the P&C claim management space.

Learn more about how Accenture Claim Components offers P&C insurers an end-to-end claims management solution.

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