Providing exceptional customer service is vital to becoming a high performer (see The Customer Experience Gap And Its Impact On Your Performance). To do so, insurers must adopt a customer-centric view as a formal business process (see Shifting To A Customer-Centric View). However, a number of challenges such as changing customer demographics and a traditional product-based focus can impede success. To help insurers overcome obstacles such as these and deliver exceptional customer experience at scale, Accenture developed a three-pronged approach.

1. Develop a customer-centric operating model.

This phase creates the organizational structure to execute and manage customer experience profitably. It also establishes the path for transitioning to a customer-centric organization.

2. Build a customer experience management hub.

This phase implements and matures the targeted customer experience to an operational state.

3. Create customer experience delivery operations.

This phase structures how insurers deliver their customer experience efficiently across multiple channels.

Accenture Customer Experience Management Approach

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To learn more about the phases to our three-pronged approach, download: Delivering Exceptional Customer Experiences.